In June 2016 all of our systems have been upgraded. The same basic principles are there in that we make up our systems using multiple panels to achieve the desired output suitable for a particular installation and we fully fit using highest quality components on your boat wherever it might be in the country for a standard fixed price. We also have maintained our discount scheme with no deposit (please call for details on this). However in taking advantage of the latest technologies available we have upgraded all components of the system from our panels to new high spec MPPT controllers to new tilting brackets and stainless steel fixings. The new systems offer (except for our new entry level system) higher output than previously available and take up less space. We have also focused on our most popular systems and significantly upgraded the output and performance. whilst crucially using less space AND keeping our pricing the same! The new panel specifications can be found here.

Every installation consists of multiple panels to achieve the desired output – please see Choosing a System to get an idea of how you decide which size system you need. All our systems come with the very latest high specification MPPT controller, all custom, made armoured cabling harnesses, BSS compliant isolation switches and fusing, our unique tilting brackets and fittings and of course a very tidy professional installation of the entire system. We provide a full documentation pack which summarises important info and contains warrant and compliance information.

1.Panels in a row on the centre line 2.Panels in a row on the centre line

3.Panels in a row on the centre line 4.Panels in a row on the centre line

In an ideal world we strive to get the panels in row on the centre line as you can see in photos 1 an 2 above and start as close the the aft end as possible. Our tilting brackets allow the panels to ride over the roof vents. This has the advantage that they are easy to walk by and importantly do not shade each other when tilted. (They also look good and are less vulnerable to stray branches etc) This is usually easy on the smaller 2 or 3 panel systems but on larger systems can be more challenging. You can see in pic 2 the 6 panel system, we managed to get 3 aft of the centre line and 3 forward. However on every boat there is usually a compromise and as picture 3 shows on another 6 panel system we have had to install this system in two banks of three side by side due to roof furniture on the boat preventing our ideal linear approach. This is ok as long as care is taken when tilting those closest to the sun so they do not shade the panels at the back - it does of course also limit roof walking space - more of an issue for single handers. Conversely as you can see in pic 4 on wide beam boats two rows is fine as we can get them far enough apart so no shading and walking through is not an issue.

The table below summarises the systems available. All are made up of multiple 165watt compact low voltage panels of grade A mono crystalline design. Dimesions are 1480mm x 670mm but remember our tilting bracket system (see tab) allows them to ride over any roof vents. Please call to see how to qualify for our no deposit discounted prices. Note the Max amps is what can be achieved on a perfect day with direct sunlight.

Our most popular system particularly among live aboard boaters has always been the old 300w 3 panel system. This is now upgraded to 330w on 2 panels. Note the new 165w entry level system is aimed at non live aboard boats offering a lower price entry level system.

All prices include professional installation of the solar panel system on your narrowboat.

Each installation includes a latest specification Tracer high performance MPPT controller as standard and the compliance documents to show that your system comforms to the Boat Safety Scheme and Recreational Craft Directive .

Tilting solar panels for narrowboats

System Price Discounted Price Max Amps
165W £768.00 £725.00 12
330W £1,070.00 £995.00 24
495W £1,280.00 £1,195.00 36
660W a £1,600.00 £1,440.00 40*
600W b £1,800.00 £1,590.00 48*
990W £2,190.00 £1,995.00 60

* note the 660w is available with either a 40A controller or a 60A controller. With the 40A controller the highest possible output is capped to 40 amps but the daily average will be much higher than the 495w system. Offering it with the 40amp controller allows us to offer a great price and let's be honest how many days a year will the sun be good enough for a full output? Not many! However the 495w is available with the larger controller for those who want to benefit from max output or consider further expansion in the future.

The 990 watt system is similarly capped at 60 amps by the controller but offers a very high average rate.

We can configure systems above and beyond these available packages BUT if you have a boat requiring such a massive charge rate it is probably worth considering reducing your load – see Preparing for Solar for detailed advice.

For retro-fitted panels the exterior cable from the panels to the controller is triple insulated, armoured cable. If you have your solar panels fitted during a new build then this cable can be hidden away.

The best value system on the market - check out the competition and see for yourself. We use best quality components and fittings, and offer a supplied and fully fitted system, providing the highest output solar solution for your boat, for the lowest cost .

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