Onboard Solar systems have a number of unique features which when brought together offer a high quality, high performance system.

  1. Low Voltage Compact Panels
    We use compact 165W panels, these are only 1480mm x 670mm in size and are very well suited to a narrow boat roof. Importantly, these panels are rated at 165W with an output of 18V giving an output of 9.5 amps. Many suppliers use "domestic" spec panels. These are much bulkier and output typically 250W (which sounds much higher doesn't it?). However, they output at a much higher voltage - typically 48V so their actual current output is 5.2 amps. Be aware that in 12V or low voltage applications, AMPS are key not watts and AMPS are arrived at by taking WATTS and dividing by VOLTS.
  2. Ultra Efficient MPPT Controller with High Voltage Support
    We use the best available computer controlled MPPT controller. This allows panels to run at the full output voltage and thus boosts output further. We can get around a 30% uplift on a typical system. Our controllers support serial or parallel connection. This clever feature means we can connect the panels in serial to achieve a high voltage input (which means better output in lower light levels) and with 495 or 660 W systems, we can then parallel banks of two serial connected panels together to maximise output in conditions where panels might be shaded.
  3. Tilting Brackets
    The tilting bracket system means panels can be tilted into the low sun in the mornings and evenings. This is very useful as panels angled into the sun output as if the sun were directly overhead. The other great advantages are
    • Panels keep cool which also increases output
    • They are very easy to clean and do not form rust and dirt traps
    • Brackets can be mounted on the centre line of the boat where they look best and work best. And allow the panels to ride over any roof vents that might be in the way.
  4. It's a Complete Package
    All our systems contain everything including a high quality professional installation. We use the best components available - Aero grade aluminium, marine grade A4 stainless fittings and armoured cabling.
  5. Onboard Solar have now completed nearly 1000 installations on boats over the last 5 years. Apart from this website we no longer advertise and rely on constant recommendation from existing customers. I have taken the decision to keep the company very small scale and personal and as such it is only myself designing and producing the systems and then covering the Midlands and North installations and my colleague Duncan covering the London area. We are very proud of the quality of work that we do and as ex boat builders ensure that fittings are as good as if not better that the way all your other roof furniture has been fitted.