Tilting into the sun especially during the winter greatly increases the output of the panels.

Having the panels raised on the brackets ensures a good airflow. Panels work best when they are kept cool.

The brackets prevent trapped water and dirt from accumulating under the panels and make for easy cleaning/re-painting and less rust spots.

The tilting brackets also allow the panels to ride over any roof vents that are likely to be in the way. In an ideal world the very best configuration is to have the panels mounted along the centre of the roof in a row that way they do not shade each other, they look right and are easy to get by for those who work off the roof a lot.

Fitted using A4 marine grade stainless fittings. We drill and tap the roof to create a secure threaded base. We then use stainless grub screws which are bedded with marine flex underwater grade sealant. This means if the panels are removed for roof re paint the grub screws maintain a good water seal. They themselves can be removed easily as they have a hex key in the top.

Brackets slide over these grub screws and are bolted down tightly using stainless flange nuts. This systems offers maximum security and durability but with the flexibility that brackets can be removed if required.