Why Solar

Onboard Solar packaged systems all follow the same tried and tested format in either 2, 3 or 4 panel configurations. Our complete solar systems have a number of unique features which when brought together offer a high quality, high performance system.

  1. Low Voltage Compact Panels

    We use Victron Blue Solar 215W panels, these are only 1590mm x 800mm in size and are very well suited to a narrow boat roof. We generally strive to fit them down the centre line of the boat. They ride over any mushroom or other type roof vents on our tilting bracket system. They look good and give enough space to get past the panels when working off the roof.
  2. Ultra Efficient MPPT Controller with High Voltage Support

    We use the best available computer controlled MPPT controller. We currently use Epever (Tracer) Xtra controllers with 40A as the standard minimum spec. These controllers win many online awards and receive excellent reviews and are rock solid reliable. We also offer the option of Victron controllers, higher cost and equal in performance to the Tracer range, but with clever app based management.
  3. Tilting Brackets

    The tilting bracket system means panels can be tilted into the low sun in the mornings and evenings. This is very useful as panels angled into the sun output as if the sun were directly overhead. The other great advantages are
    • Panels keep cool which also increases output
    • They are very easy to clean and do not form rust and dirt traps
    • Brackets can be mounted on the centre line of the boat where they look best and work best. And allow the panels to ride over any roof vents or other furniture that might be in the way.
  4. It’s a Complete Package
    All our systems contain everything including a high quality professional installation. We use the best components available – Aero grade aluminium, marine grade A4 stainless fittings and armoured cabling. We have taken the headache out of choosing all component parts by providing a complete system. We regularly review and update the actual equipment we use whilst sticking to the winning formula we have used for the last 10 years
  5. Onboard Solar have now completed over 2,000 installations on boats over the last 10 years.
    We have taken the decision to keep the company very small scale with just Matt, Gary and Tim operational and this allows us to keep the service very personal and as such it is only Tim designing and producing the systems, advising customers and then Matt and Gary carrying out the bulk of installations. We are very proud of the quality of work that we do and as ex boat builders ensure that fittings are as good as if not better than the way all your other roof furniture has been fitted.
  6. The Onboard Solar team live Off Grid

    Matt and Tim both live off grid, Tim on a narrowboat and Matt in a canal side cabin. As such we can give all the advice about setting up your boat for off grid living above and beyond simply supplying a solar system. See preparing for solar for more detail on setting up your boat for off grid living.