New High Capacity Fixed-Price Solar Systems

Introducing New High Capacity Fixed Price Solar Systems
For several years now, our fixed-price, all-inclusive solar systems have been a success. However, we have noticed a growing demand for larger systems that can accommodate bigger loads, support 240V consumers, and take advantage of solar dump to immersion heater. In response to this, we have launched our high-end solar systems in a similar fixed-price format, enabling customers to see the cost of a
larger system upfront.

High Capacity Systems
Our high-capacity systems are designed to cater to those with larger energy requirements. Customers seeking a larger system to support bigger loads will also need to consider a suitably sized battery bank. We have now launched our high end solar systems in a similar fixed price format allowing customers to see up front the cost of a larger system.

Other High-End Products – (Bespoke add on Systems as an optional extra)
We have also developed a product called Smart Switch, which is a single box that integrates off-the-shelf components. Smart Switch can be used in two different ways.

Solar Dump to Immersion Heater
This version of Smart Switch consists of our Smart Switch box together with a dual element 240V/12V immersion heater. The system can be configured to switch on and off the 12V, 300W immersion heater based on configurable parameters such as battery voltage. If the solar panels have the batteries at a fully charged voltage and are effectively in float mode, then solar power can be diverted to the immersion.
Once the voltage drops to a preset level, Smart Switch cuts off the immersion. The great advantage of this solar dump system over using a charge controller-based solar dump is that the solar continues to charge the batteries even while the dump is active.

Selective Use of Shore Power
The second role of Smart Switch is for those in a marina wishing to save on electricity costs. This version will selectively switch to shore power based on configurable parameters such as when a big load is drawn (by a washing machine, for example).
The system then switches back to solar once light loads are being drawn.

*It is important to note that both versions of Smart Switch require a decent-sized solar setup. We would not recommend using it on anything less than an 860W solar system and is not included in the fixed package price.

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